Hello, my name is

Steve Bolen

I am a Democrat running for Maryland House of Delegates in District 9A, and I need your vote on November 6. The son of farm-raised teachers, I am a 27-year veteran of federal service and have taken an oath to protect and defend our Constitution. I worked for US Intelligence working with counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, and special military units; NASA at the Human Spaceflight Center; and, the US Air Force at Griffiss Air Force Base.

I am ready to serve. I am ready to fight for you and to be your voice in your State House!

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Fighting for Howard & Carroll Counties

Howard and Carroll counties are beautiful places to work, play, and raise a family. These are counties that I proudly call home. But, we have challenges in our schools, communities, health care, and environment that we can no longer ignore.

  • I will fight to give our children the exceptional education they deserve – to “lock-in” and fully fund our public schools, to recognize and compensate teachers as the highly-skilled professionals that they are, and to make sure our schools are safe places to learn.
  • I will fight to keep our communities vibrant and growing in fair and responsible ways – in ways that respect the taxpayer, protect our environment, and preserve our rural heritage.
  • I will fight for everyone’s right to have affordable health care – that includes mental health care, addiction care, and prescription drugs.
  • I will fight to defend Maryland’s environmental heritage – to protect and preserve the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay.
  • I will fight to build a renewable, clean energy economy – to make Maryland a world-class, clean energy technology innovator, pathfinder, and industry growth leader.

About Steve

I am the son of two, farm-raised teachers who grew up in Iowa during the Great Depression and World War II. Both taught me the values of hard work, your-word-is-your-bond, and to think on your own. I grew up in Michigan where I learned to appreciate the outdoors – hiking, camping, and playing on the Great Lakes. After following career and school, it is my choice to settle and live in Howard County with my wife, Linda. A beautiful place that I am PROUD to call home!

My passion for learning, science, and technology led me to pursue higher education – and, I hold a doctorate’s degree in electrical engineering. I have published in professional journals and have reviewed numerous technical publications. As a recognized expert in my field, I have been invited to speak at international conferences and to participate as a scientist in international, earth-science projects.

A sense of duty, commitment, and self-sacrifice called me to serve our country. I have proved my leadership skills working at executive levels and have demonstrated my ability to create coalitions of high-performing teams – across global enterprises, to successfully meet the challenges that faced our nation.

I have traveled the world in service to our nation, and now I want to serve our community with the same measure of devotion with which I gave our country. With your help, I will fight to keep our counties places that we can all be proud to call home.


On the Issues

I believe that responsible government starts with working together and using good, old-fashioned, common-sense to solve problems.  Public service is about hard work, self-sacrifice, respecting other points of view – and, listening.  It is time that we start setting party politics aside and elect people who will listen to us, tell us what they’re doing, and make sure government is working for us.


Our education system is falling short – our children and teachers need our help. We need to create safe learning environments and get students into brick-and-mortar facilities, reduce classroom size, “lock-in” funding in ways that politicians can’t touch, give students affordable paths to college and vocational training, and recognize our teachers as the highly-skilled professionals that they are.


Our communities need to grow and thrive in fair, smart, and sustainable ways – in ways that respect the taxpayer, protect the environment, preserve our rural heritage, and help small businesses and farmers. We must support our first responders, and find community-based solutions that promote mutual respect and trust between them and the people they serve.

Health Care

Our healthcare system needs to reach everybody – that includes providing mental health care and addiction care that treats people with dignity and gives them hope for recovery. We need to combat opioid addiction and explore programs that emphasize education and prevention, emergency care, and long-term treatment.


Our environmental heritage runs deep – and, we must work to preserve and protect it. We must keep clean the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay, and compel others to do the same. We must reverse the decades of pollution and the impact it has had on our air, land, and waterways. Maryland must lead the world and build a renewable, clean-energy economy. We need to re-imagine how we think about “mobility,” land use, and transportation links that are data-centric and create a responsible, sustainable transportation network that will grow with our needs.

Endorsed By

Maryland State Comptroller, Peter Franchot

“Steven’s leadership and experience serving our nation will make him a strong voice for the people of Maryland District 9A.” (September 8, 2018)

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“Man’s Flight Through Life is Sustained by the Power of his Knowledge.” - Austin “Dusty” Miller, 1958

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